Copywriting Portfolio

Copywriting porfolio

From Sales Pages… To Emails… And Everything In Between… I hope You Enjoy your adventure through my copywriting portfolio

Mikenzi is a diamond. Not in the rough- but polished, and ready to go. She has a great way with words, literally. Her writing ability is outstanding.

Joshua Brewer, President of Patria Co.
saas copywriter
phone, earbuds and half of a grapefruit laid on a gray background. Header text reading "Fit You Very Much Newsletter Spec" positioned to the right of the mobile phone

FitYouVeryMuch Welcome Email Sequence

tops of palm trees overlooking a beach with the words SunRay Travel Lead Magnet Email" Positioned at the center of image

SunRay Travel Lead Magnet Download Email

Picture of building being built in front of a setting sun. Text reads: "Quality-Trades Email Copy Client Work"

Quality Trades “Get Featured” Promotional Email

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saas copywriter
saas copywriter | Cheetos Sweepstakes Landing Page with Copy

Copywriting portfolio spec

Cheetos Sweepstakes Landing Page [Spec]

Tone Guide | Friendly, Funny, 

Project Goal | Compel college students to enter their email addresses to win a sweepstakes

saas copywriter | Cute French bulldog smiling at the camera on a blue background.

LEASH Landing Page [Spec]

Tone Guide | Friendly, Funny

Project Goal | Compel pet parents to sign up for a free consultation with a LE*SH Partner [LE*SH is not a real company] 

saas copywriter | Woman performing yoga pose with text on top that reads: "It's time to say FUCK it to Fad Diets"

Copywriting portfolio spec

FitYouVeryMuch Landing Page [Spec]

Tone Guide | Funny, Punchy

Project Goal | Compel viewer to sign up to the FYVM Newsletter via Free Customized Fitness Plan [FYVM is not a real company] 

Tiny toy taxi cab in front of a cityscape. Text reads: "DoorDash Landing Page Spec"

Copywriting portfolio spec

DoorDash Landing Page [Spec]

Tone Guide | Professional, Positive, Friendly

Project Goal | Compel restauranteurs to become a DoorDash Partner

sales page section
desk with notebook and coffee on it. SaaS copywriter. Large text says: "Visme Sales Page Spec"

Copywriting portfolio spec

Visme Sales Page [Spec]

Tone Guide | Friendly, Professional, Motivational

Project Goal | Create a long-form sales page compelling “pain-aware” visitors to sign up for a (fictional) 30-day free trial of Visme business

White background with green leaves. The words: "Coming Soon" are placed on top

Copywriting portfolio spec

FreshBooks Sales Page [Spec]

***Coming Soon***

Website copywriting section. Pink circle with computer monitor in the center
saas copywriter | creatively crafted events client

Creatively Crafted Events

Hudson valley home inspection

Freedom First Home Inspection

saas copywriter | sassy stitches and designs client

Sassy Stitches And Designs

Edie Production

Copywriting Ads section, pink circle with fog-horn in center
saas copywriter
Bright yellow background with graphic images in the upper-left corner. Text reads: "The New Yorker: Dynamic Banner Ad" - Copywriting sample

CoverGirl printed Ad [Spec]

The New Yorker Banner Ad [Spec]

ABC Toys Banner Ad Copywriting Spec
Picture of cute and fluffy black and brown dog with white chest fur. Text reads: "LEASH FaceBook Ad Copywriting [Spec]"

ABC toys Banner Ad [Spec]

leash facebook ad copy [Spec]

saas copywriter

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