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Blogs and articles About marketing, Productivity, And Running A Small Business

We’re all on a unique journey when it comes to starting and running a successful business. However, we’re ALSO all in this together, and there are ways to avoid frustration and improve efficacy instead.

After running my own copywriting business for a while, here are my tips, tricks, useful apps, and stories about marketing, productivity, and trying to balance a freelance career while raising my kid full-time.

Take a look, and feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!

  • 5 Ways To Be The Best Client A Copywriter Can Dream Of
    (it’s actually very easy) When you decide to work with a copywriter for the first time, you’ll both have a lot of questions. You’re two different people, with two different views, and you (most likely) have never worked together before. Along with worrying about whether this copywriter is the right fit for you (read this […]
  • What Your Copywriter Needs From You & The Power Of Creative Briefs
    Today I’m turning the tables a bit because I wanna talk about YOUR responsibilities as a copywriting client—and what your copywriter needs from you.
  • How To Get Better At Copywriting With Video Games
    There are a lot of ways to learn how to be a copywriter… and there are a lot of ways to get better at copywriting— pretty much all of which involve, ya know… writing copy.
  • 5 Tips For Running A Business With Anxiety
    Anxiety is a really tough thing to deal with on a regular day… but what if you want to start and run your own business? Here’s what I do.
  • Why Copywriting Is So Important
    If you run a business, or just started a business, then you’ve definitely seen the term copywriting/copywriter. Copywriters are constantly telling you that copy is critical to your business, and that’s because it’s true. Today, I’m going to get very clear about why copywriting is so important, the direct benefits of copywriting, and whether or not you really need to hire a copywriter or not.

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