Who The Heck Is Kenz & Why Does She Write Copy?

about me

Hi there…

I’m Mikenzi (you can call me Kenz), and I help your business connect with your audience. Copy by Kenz means building trusting relationships that drive sales.

We don’t do icky marketing tactics here, so breathe… because you can be your most authentic self, and your ideal customers will love you for it.

If you believe that business is built on integrity, honesty… and a healthy dose of humor, then we’re meant to be, my friend. 

Why Should You Work With Me?

I mean… you don’t HAVE to do anything… but you’re probably someone who makes good decisions. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking for a copywriter in the first place, right?

You just have to ask yourself this:

“Do I want a copywriter that gives the same energy and passion to my business that I give to my clients?”

Sound good? Awesome! let’s do this.

12 + 5 =

How’d I Become A Copywriter?

Alright, now the weird part… time to talk about me…

I’ve been writing since the ripe-old-age of 10.

It started when, out of nowhere, I wrote my first short story (some 10-page word doc about a… magic horse, I think?)

Regardless of how it started, it’s now intrinsic to who I am.


Frankly, I never thought I’d actually make any money with writing- let alone build an entire career.


But that all changed one chilly March morning(the 16th, to be precise) when my husband and I found out I was pregnant with our first child.

A little dude we named Jake.

Before that, I spent my entire adult life going from job to job, never feeling like I fit the 9-5 mold (I bet you know what I’m talking about).

I even started to believe there was something wrong with me. I was just a defective adult who just… couldn’t get it together.

I’d ask myself “why can’t I just be happy? I’m lucky to have a job at all…”

(sound familiar…?)

But by the time I was pregnant, I had already spent 6 years at a job that was sucking the life outta me.

My self-esteem and passion for creativity was gone, I couldn’t find it… I’d stopped trying…

But I knew I had to change.

For my son.

I didn’t want to be a mom who hated 85% of her waking day and make my son think you had to spend your whole life trying to fit yourself into a box you don’t belong in just to pay your bills.

So, after some encouragement from loving friends and coworkers, I started taking on small writing assignments… and stuff just started clicking.

I had found myself.

I knew who I wanted to be. I knew how I could help others.

… And I’ve never looked back. Now I get to help business owners like you live your passion and connect with your customers. You bring your most authentic self, and I put it into words.

No one should try fitting themselves into boxes that crush their souls.

But since you’re here reading this… you already know that, right? 🙂

Killer Client Testimonial | Allie Delo, Creatively Crafted Co-Founder

"When it comes to creating a website or logo, we had no idea where to start. Working with Kenz enabled us to create and design the perfect launch of our business. In addition to that, our business has been amplified. She successfully created a beautiful and original logo for us based off of colors that we had selected, as well as designs that we had liked. Kenz also created a website for us that perfectly reflected our brand.

The wording that she used was professional and well thought out.  The layout/design of the website is absolutely perfect, easy to follow/use, and user friendly. Kenz treated us like family, putting much time and detail into our website and when launching a business, we cannot express how much we appreciated that. We could not have asked for someone better to help us launch our business. If you need a logo or a website we would highly recommend Kenz. She is attentive, detail orientated, kind, friendly, and above all talented. Thank you, Kenz, for all of your hard work. We absolutely love our website and logo, both are beyond anything we could have imagined!"

Killer Client Testimonial | Chris Molnar, Freedom First Home Inspection Founder

"I was very disappointed with my attempt at a website. I spent many hours on trying to set up pages and add pictures. In the end it just didn’t look like a company you wanted to do business with. Then we decided to contact Mikenzi and have a Professional website built. We told her what we were looking for and started sending pictures and examples. In the end, Mikenzi designed my company an Outstanding website and an Incredible company Logo.
Highly Recommend."

Killer Client Testimonial | Joshua Brewer, The Patria Company President & Co-Founder

I love how social media gives us the ability to meet extraordinary people that you would have never met otherwise.

Mikenzi is a diamond. Not in the rough- but polished, and ready to go. She has a great way with words, literally. Her writing ability is outstanding. She joined our team of Authorized Partners and didn't waste any time jumping right in and taking the bull-by-the-horns. She writes full blogs and articles as well as leads other writing and editing projects on Quality-Trades.com. She has never disappointed me.

I am excited to see Mikenzi's business grow, and I know that she is going to use her skills to help lots of other companies grow as well.

Killer Client Testimonial | Olga Weis, Eltima Company

"We've been working with Mikenzi for several months now, and she has proven to be an amazing professional copywriter for us.

She is talented, highly skilled and experienced, has advanced knowledge of software technologies, and always provides high-quality content in time! We are beyond impressed with her incredible writing."

Killer Client Testimonial | Jered Martin, OnePitch COO & Co-founder

Our team has worked with Mikenzi on a number of articles posted on our company blog. Mikenzi has provided tremendous value to our content marketing strategy through her research and analysis of industry conversations and pain points.

She ensures each piece of content is catered to exactly what you're looking for and the quality is second to none. I'd highly recommend working with her if you're considering or need any assistance with content marketing and copywriting.

Killer Client Testimonial | Brenda Otto, SunRay Travel Founder

I struggle to write good content when it comes to email marketing and a variety of forms of communication with my clients. While writing my last newsletter I felt that I wasn't formulating my message correctly, so I contacted Mikenzi (Kopy By Kenz) and asked for her guidance and assistance to structure my message.

Mikenzi was so accommodating, adjusted my newsletter with clarity, humor, and proper verbiage. She is such a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable, brilliant, and so easy to work with.

Recommend her highly to anyone who struggles with composing their thoughts and message with clarity.

-Brend Otto, SunRay Travel

Killer Client Testimonial | Todd Bruck, BotCake CEO & Founder

Kenz has been wonderful to work with! Delivering strong, creative copy that showed a deep understanding of our brand and the messaging required. She writes in a style that you can't help but want to continue reading. She is also thorough in her research and preparation, taking the time to truly understand our audience and the topic. Her passion and ability to deliver a great message that speaks to the target audience really sets her apart.

If you want consistent and compelling content that drives traffic and sales for your business, then I highly recommend you connect with Kenz and let her solve your copywriting and lead generation needs today.

-Todd Bruck, CEO & Founder Of BotCake

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