Here's How I Built Consistent Website Traffic Without Spending A Dime...

A Business Blog is a POWERFUL tool, but it relies on a critical element that most businesses struggle with (including me).


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The simple fact is…

For your blog to be successful, posting consistently is key… but most entrepreneurs struggle to find the time to write blogs (sound familiar?)

But that’s about to change… because I’m going to share the secret that changed my business, and helped me post highly effective blogs on weekly basis…

You ready…?

The KBK 30-Day Blog Writing Challenge

“Kenz knows her stuff! She makes everything very simple and easy to read and comprehend. Her downloads are super fun to interact with and she really gave me the push I needed to get things done for my business. She’s my go-to for all things marketing.”


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about me

Who is Kenz, and who does she think she is to challenge you?

Hi there, I’m Kenz the copywriter, and I’ve been writing blogs professionally for 7+ years (boy how time does fly…)

Blogging has always been one of my favorite marketing tools, but I realized after speaking to fellow business owners that most entrepreneurs felt really intimidated when it came to writing their business blogs (especially when it came to posting consistently.) But not to worry…

THAT’S why I created the 30-Day Challenge!

I want to inspire you, and ignite a teeny-tiny fire under your ass that’ll motivate you to take your blog seriously and see results!

And I’ll give you my All-In-One Free Template as an extra bonus!

This challenge will help business owners from any industry experience the growth that comes from effective blogging.

Having grown up as a kid in a traveling band, I learned how to connect with, engage, and entertain people from all walks of life. As a copywriter, I employ those lessons to craft authentic copy that makes your audience feel excited to invest in your offer. Selling doesn’t have to be slimy… and I’ll show ya.

Kenz is a freelance copywriter, mom, and wife from Hudson Valley NY.

Here are just some of the benefits of consistent blogging:

  • Establishes your industry expertise
  • Creates an audience that will buy from you because they trust you
  • Builds an email list (a crucial resource when launching new offers)
  • Increases online traffic to your business
  • Connects authentically with your customer

“I am currently getting my bachelors in cybersecurity, and one of the primary tasks is maintaining and updating an IT blog. It was the first blog I have ever created and while I’ve been in IT for quite a few years and knew what to write… but wasn’t sure how to write it. I stumbled upon Kenz and her format help with blogs. Using her blog techniques not only vastly improved the quality of my blog but my grades for it as well. I highly recommend using her template!”


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saas copywriter

Take the challenge and get my All-In-One Blog Template + Guide!

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