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Copy that makes selling feel good because your customers feel good about themselves

I’m The Conscientious Copywriter WHO compels, sells, and serves your audience Without The Marketing Tricks You’Re Sick Of

She writes in a style that you can’t help but want to continue reading. She is also thorough in her research and preparation, taking the time to truly understand our audience and the topic. Her passion and ability to deliver a great message that speaks to the target audience really sets her apart.

-Todd Bruck, Botcake

Copy is a powerful tool that can shape how your customers feel about your brand and themselves

I’M the CopyWriter Who’ll show you how to harness it without doing harm

You started your business to make a difference. You believe in what you have to offer, and you want to build a better future for everyone (including yourself). 

If you’re anything like I was, then you probably have some… complicated (not so great) feelings about marketing because:

Kenz the copywriter, a light-skinned woman with straight brown hair looming over her laptop in frustration
bulleted list

And here’s the thing about that…

You’re absolutely right 

There are definitely ugly, gross, irresponsible, and harmful ways to market a business and make lots of money, and I totally get why the hair on your neck stands up just thinking about it. 


Building an ethical business with copy that makes you feel good about how your brand is helping customers without having to beat them up first…

Is 100% doable…

She ensures each piece of content is catered to exactly what you’re looking for and the quality is second to none. I’d highly recommend working with her if you’re considering or need any assistance with content marketing and copywriting.

-Jered Martin, COO of OnePitch
Kenz the copywriter, a light-skinned woman with straight brown hair looking excitedly at her laptop.

Ready to learn how ethical copywriting can make your business crazy successful?

Copy is key to generating revenue for every business… and it also tells your customers how to feel about your brand and themselves

“Holy Cow! Kenz The CopyWriter Was Featured as one of mayple’s 2021 Top Content Experts”

Kenz treated us like family, putting much time and detail into our website and when launching a business, we cannot express how much we appreciated that. We could not have asked for someone better to help us launch our business.”

-Allie Delo, Co-Founder Creatively Crafted Events

Want to start a business blog but have no idea where to start?

My Easy-To-Use Checklist Helps You Capitalize On Professional Techniques to write effective blogs- And Helps you avoid pitfalls that can kill your content!

Manipulative marketing is SO out

Kenz The CopyWriter Proves That Selling can feel good without making others feel… weird and yucky

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